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new journal.

last night i went to the dogwood show. *grins* it was really fun. i love them. but anyways, there was this dude that sked for my number/email addy. he was so cute. i gave both and then drove away. but now i'm worried that i didn't give him the right phone number (which would suck major). and i KNOW i gave him the wrong email cos i forgot the 'i' in hotmail. (hope he figures it out... hehe) so i was with michele... blah. but now i'm sick. i was actually sick yesterday, but no one knew that, cos it was just my sore throat. but NOW i'm all stuffy and even more sore (well... more uh... raspy?). so anyways.... i had a good time. i hadn't been to a show in so long- not since dashboard confessional on thanksgiving. but i guess michele and me are going to go to 3 shows in a row- noiseratchet and some other bands. *smiles* i guess i'm done then....
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