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bowling: the sport of the future

yes, adam called. i was in starbucks with my sister and jon and rebecca and i was waiting on my iced chai and i hear it... groovy blue. he says "hey is kari there?" and i'm like "this is she!" and he's like "this is adam, from the dogwood show on friday? hey..." and so then i sit down and gretch and jon start making fun of me, but he asks me about myself and we talk for a little... then he asks me to go bowling with him and some of his friends next saturday. wonderful... beautiful. i just hope he doesn't expect me to be a good bowler, cos... um... yeah, i'm not. last time i went i think i got like a 42... for my GAME score! lol...

what else... jon took family pics of us today and i kind of got stuck up in a tree at irvine park. it was mad scary... jon took like five pics of me being totally freaked out, trying to get out of the tree.... gah! i hope they are true-to-life or whatever.

later today i'm going to go see orange county with my sister and our friends. i hope it is good. i love colin hanks to death and i love my county to death. except, i'm pretty sure most of it wasn't filmed in oc except for a few shots of newport beach. i guess the county ordinances weren't too happy about the negativity... not that i care.

pics of me... sign the gb!
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